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trial peeeemmmarrrrr! x


its been awhile i ddnt update this cutie blog lol k.

trial? okay we just had our trial last week. so far so good but as you guys knw,
its HARD TO THE MOON AND BACK. especially, english subject. susah wok tahap minions! eh minions famous kan sekarg? lol k back to the topic. i had receive back my sejarah,maths,geo and pk paper with marks. i got 63% for sej, 85% for maths, 77% for geo and 80% for pk. now, i got 2A hmpp paper lain belum dapat lagi. takut, excited and yahh yknow tht feeling kan. i hope i can improve my results on next trial after raya. urghh and im proud to say that PMR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! BEWAREEE X for pmr candidates, study hard and do the best. wish y'all luck! :) i dont have idea suda so yah takecare and wait for my next update x love yah readers!

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