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as you guys knw, i am hostel's victims. lol k the story begin with.... there's a kaka  (who's living with us at the hostel) used my slipper without permission and it really annoyed me. i dont knw why she must wear my slipper bchus she also had besides i bring two piece of slipper there. satu slipper untuk basah and satu lg not for basah. when i use the basah one and aftr that i see my scnd slipper hilg suda kena guna. fakk i really hate it. you use tht slipper wthout permissionn and make it wet. suda guna then sukahati kasi basah then when its urgent for me to use tht slipper, slipper tu hilg suda dia guna. ohmaii like seriously i want to talk nicely to you but you're older than me. aku takut aku buat kau keci hati but what should i do? not only slipper, but also all my things. aiyoooooooooooooo fucking pissed off.  I really hate it when someone use my things without permission. It's like a violation of my privacy. And it feels like they don't respect me. It's also more annoying when the thing they use is something that is expensive! I bought my things with my own money, and I don't mind to share but only if they ask for it and if they really need it and they don't have anything like it. If they have their own something and yet they still use mine, that's even more annoying! Damn, I'm so pissed off! .

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